2018 NFL Mock Draft

2018 nfl mock draft

2018 NFL Mock Draft

The Chargers are in the process of revamping their offensive line, plus they have been rumored to take Sam Darnold with the initial overall pick. However, their prospects are unclear. They signed three free agents, including wide receiver Calvin Ridley, but their finest days seem in it. And, although they’re expected to take Allen, their secondary is in disarray. A well-connected scout has heard that Allen is the top quarterback prospect, while Mayfield could fall to the fourth round.

The Raiders have to address their secondary. Reggie Nelson is turning 35 in September, plus they have a scotch-taped defense. The Raiders could address their secondary with either Denzel Ward or Derwin James. A quarterback who is able to replace Derek Carr may likely be preferred by the quarterback. If this example fails out, Oakland could double down and draft a former Florida safety.

The Cardinals require a running back. A dual threat with elusive moves is desirable. As the team signed Lamar Jackson for 2018, the Packers lost Morgan Burnett in free agency. While the Giants don’t need a running back with the second overall pick, they could work with a receiver. The combine athletics of Terps Moore, a running back from South Carolina, exceeded expectations. With a 4.5-second forty-yard time, he should be a good fit for Indianapolis. The Giants won’t need to decide on a running player with the next overall pick. The Packers can draft a broad receiver and move ahead from there.

If the draft continues to be dominated by quarterbacks, the Chargers must find a quality passer. While it’s likely that Oakland will select a quarterback, the team still has holes on both sides of the ball. The offensive line needs an upgrade and a solid quarterback may be the first priority. It’ll be crucial to address these holes early in the draft to keep the offense running smoothly. A high quarterback candidate could be drafted in the second round and the Browns must address it in the first.

After trading around secure Josh Rosen, the Cardinals could turn to a wide receiver. As the Cardinals lost two of their top picks, their quarterback can be a top priority. While the Patriots may be looking for a top-six QB, the Steelers may take a lineback, and then a cornerback. The Vikings, on the other hand, might be looking to upgrade the defensive line.

The 49ers are likely to draft a safety. The 49ers show interest in other top linebacks, but Smith’s versatility should permit the team to take him in the first round. While Edmunds has been the top selection, you can find other players who could be selected. On the list of available picks, there are a few who are already locked in to the first round. While Tremaine Edmunds has been the favorite of fans, he could be a nice surprise.

If the Patriots desire to protect Marshawn Lynch, they might select a talented offensive lineman. But, the Eagles have their own set of needs. Should they choose a quarterback, they should also pick a running back. And, while they don’t really need a full-time backup, they will need to develop a strong secondary. And, they’ll probably require a running back. The Eagles’ defensive line is a major concern.

The Giants could make a splash by taking a running back, but they also need to fill various other positions. While the Chargers have a fantastic quarterback, they need to upgrade their pass-catching corps. 풀 카지노 And, they should also consider drafting a broad receiver. With the right mix of these picks, they can obtain the best possible long-term answer for his or her needs. While the Jets require a quarterback, another teams are focused on their defense.

The Browns could take Chubb with the fourth overall pick. The former Alabama quarterback could make a huge impact on the NFL. His versatility and physicality make him an excellent choice for a stout. If he could be not, the team’s defense is likely to struggle. In addition, an excellent center will help the offensive line. But if you’re buying center, consider getting a versatile player in the first round.